How to Choose your EcoSmart Fire

EcoSmart Fire offers a versatile range of Fire Design Solutions, and we recommend choosing your EcoSmart Fire based on your project goals. Whether you have a completely custom build-out in mind or you're seeking a freestanding solution with zero installation, our modern and eco-friendly fireplaces will fit any project's needs. Not sure where to start? Visit our Shopping Guide for help!

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The Power of Bioethanol

All of our EcoSmart Fires have been manufactured and tested for use with e-NRG Bioethanol fuel. e-NRG is a clean burning liquid bioethanol for use in ventless fireplaces. Specially formulated to provide the longest burn time and most vibrant flame e-NRG is a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional fuel sources. e-NRG is free of harmful emissions and certified for indoor use, so you'll never be subjected to soot, smoke, or ash again.

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